VirtualGT-Pro Carbon race car simulator

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VirtualGT may be the best race car simulator you’ll ever experience.


Because VirtualGT is designed from the ground up to create the very best illusion of driving a race car at speed.

We do this with advanced audio, vibration and motion using multimedia and theater technology.

Who needs a race car simulator?

If you own a race car, have raced before or aspire to race on-track, a race car simulator is a logical accessory. You can learn the track you plan to race on, improve your race craft and even learn how to improve the setup of your race car, all without risk or added expense.

​If you love motorsports but only watch racing, imagine the thrill of sitting in the driver’s seat of the most exotic modern and historic automobiles, and driving them at full speed around the world’s greatest racing circuits. Experience the challenge of keeping a race car right on the edge of maximum performance and the satisfaction of nailing the perfect racing line with a new record lap-time to prove it!

The best solution.

VirtualGT custom designs race car simulator systems to fit your budget and available space. Start with a refurbished cockpit and use your own TV display, or let us design a brand new custom built-in virtual racing center for your home or garage.

​VGT is modular and can be expanded at any time. Start basic and add options like motion and advanced controls systems as your budget and interest expands.

Use our 15 years of experience to help you sort out the confusion around which race car simulator is best for you. Even if you buy another simulator, you will benefit from talking with us in the process.

Our process

  • DESIGN – We custom configure each VirtualGT and design the video display enclosure specifically for your project at no additional charge! We then send you with the plans and specs. You buy the displays and build the enclosure into your space.
  • DELIVER – We hand build your VGT, then carefully crate and ship it to your installation location. Our experienced installation tech makes sure your VGT is setup and you have a basic understanding on how to use it.
  • SUPPORT – Race car simulators use advanced technology and are intimidating to use. That’s why we expect to be available for many weeks to support you after installation. You’ll learn as you drive. All VGTs include free lifetime Remote Internet Support.

Schedule your VirtualGT Test Drive today.

Contact us to arrange a VGT test drive. Personally experience the most realistic race car simulator ever built for home and individual use.

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